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Achieving safety and independence in the bathroom

Achieving safety and independence 6 18 13Independence in the bathroom is one of the most daunting tasks for accessibility and safety in the home. No matter the disability, the bathroom is almost always one of the most challenging rooms in which to maneuver. It’s difficult to feel at home, much less feel safe, if you don’t have secure access in your own bathroom.

Achieving safety and independence with bathroom modifications is possible with the right products, but there are added benefits as well. For example:

  • Customization: Modifying a bathroom is, by definition, a very individualized project. It includes making alterations to a living space to meet the needs of physical limitations or aging needs in order to live more independently. A customized bathroom space will depend on an individual’s needs, preferences, and space available.
  • Aesthetics: Accessibility doesn’t mean stark or institutional. An accessible bathroom can be as beautiful and luxurious as you imagine it to be. Beautiful tile, stylish sinks and modern fixtures don’t have to be sacrificed and can easily accommodate accessibility, independence and safety.
  • Safety: True accessible modifications are primarily focused on altering spaces for safe movement and creating a safe flow. Safety can range from something as simple as strategically placing a grab bar for balance to completing a full bathroom remodel.

Next time, we’ll discuss the many elegant options available that can lend design pizzazz to an accessible bathroom remodeling project. Visit the UDS eStore at https://estore.udservices.org/.



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UDS eStore Changes

UDS New eStore PlatformWe’ve recently moved our eStore to a new eCommerce platform that will make your experience on the eStore more efficient and productive. You will be able to place orders much easier and, when you have registered for an account, you’ll be able to see your orders and also place reorders right from your account.

The ordering process has been simplified and you will see where you are each step of the way. In addition, estimating your shipping costs is earlier in the process so you’ll be able to know your estimated shipping costs before you get too far into the buying process.

You’ll find the forms for our catalog, signing up for the Newsletter, downloading our White Paper, and registering for a Contractor’s Account very simple and user friendly.

Explore the new eStore at the same URL:  estore.udservices.org!

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Do You Know About Our Construction Services?

Contemporary Bathroom with Handicapped Access

Contemporary Bathroom with Handicapped Access

UDS can help you with home modification products and equipment installation in the South Central PA region. Our process for construction services combines our technical knowledge and disability-specific expertise.

Individual needs assessment
Working together with you, we determine which livability needs can be met through home modifications, assistive technology and low-cost standardized solutions.  Our accessibility counselors each have over 20 years’ direct experience with persons with disabilities, as well as extensive design expertise.  Put their experience to work for you.

Home evaluation
We inspect your home to identify possible zoning, code, condition and structural issues that will affect the design/installation process. We believe there should be no surprises.

Modification feasibility assessment
We assess the appropriateness of specific products and modifications, including your ability to safely utilize the products, cost estimates and the effect on your home’s resale value. Our goal is to maximize home accessibility, safety and independence, all while staying on budget.

This is where our experience in accessibility and construction assures the desired results.  We supervise the entire construction/installation process, from start to finish.  Our trade specialists are fully licensed, insured and experienced in installing all of the specialized equipment available on our e-store.

If you are interested in discussing your Home Modification project with us, please contact us.

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SuperPole with SuperBar

SuperPole with SuperBarA safe, modified bathroom can still be attractive!

The SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ is an award winning, innovative, horizontal pivoting and locking bar that mounts to the SuperPole™: Improves safety with additional gripping and weight bearing support.

  • Innovative:  A gentle lift unlocks the bar. Keep the bar up to move freely. Let the bar down to lock. Provides 8 locking positions around the SuperPole™.
  • Trusted Support: Push or pull on the bar to assist with sitting, standing and moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the bar will lock if released. Widely prescribed by therapists around the world.
  • Reduce Caregiver Strain: Maximize the use of available strength while a caregiver supervises. Promotes safe and independent movement.
  • A great space saver for around the bath or toilet, where limited space can make it difficult with a wheelchair or walker.

Visit the UDS eStore for additional SuperPole™ products and accessories.

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Transitioning to Accessible Living

UDS Barrier Free UnitTransitioning into an accessible living home is never easy, but UDS is here to help.  With the experience, expertise, and sensitivity, we at UDS can help provide you with the products, services, and modifications necessary to help make your home feel safer.  Our modification experts can help evaluate your needs while providing smart solutions for every aspect of your modification.  We provide superior customer service while offering modifications for every area of your home, including your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and even workplace modifications.

Our success stories prove that with the help of the UDS team, we can help you or your loved one live an easier, more independent life through home modification.  Interested in learning more about how UDS can help you and your family?  Visit our Accessible Home Modifications page and check out the YouTube video.  We have the practical solutions that improve your quality of life, at the lowest possible cost.

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Attractive Half Height Shower Door Option

Half height shower doors make it easier for caregivers to assist in showering while staying dry.  Shown is an attractive door option:

Corner Setting Half Height Bi-fold Shower Door allows a caregiver to assist the user in showering, while controlling water and keeping caregiver dry. Once closed, the doors create a water barrier, ensuring that no water runs out of the shower, and controlling water splash. When opened, the doors allow full access to roll-in showers, walk-in showers and full barrier-free showers.


  • customized for corner shower units
  • allows swing in either direction up to 180° for greater opening area
  • designed for use with Mullen Shower Pan (not recommended for other showers)
  • limited 30-day warranty

Browse the entire estore at estore.udservices.org.

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The SuperPole™ System

The SuperPole™ System is an award-winning modular support system designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring, or moving in bed. Central to the system is a stylish floor-to-ceiling grab bar which provides a secure structure that can be installed in minutes between a floor and ceiling.

SuperPole™ with SuperBar™  is innovative: a gentle lift unlocks the bar. Keep the bar up to move freely or let the bar down to lock. SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ provides 8 locking positions around the SuperPole. Push or pull on the bar to assist with sitting, standing and moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the bar will lock if released. Widely prescribed by therapists around the world, SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ offers trusted support. It maximizes the use of available strength while a caregiver supervises. Promotes safe and independent movement. It’s also great for around the bath or toilet where limited space can make it difficult for a wheelchair or walker.



SuperPole™ with SuperTray™ simply snaps on to your SuperPole to provide the convenience of a bedside table. The SuperTray is easy to install, remove and adjust in height or position. It is a compact alternative to bulky floor-based over-bed tables.

Browse our estore at estore.udservices.org for SuperPole options.

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