Caregiver Half-Height Doors Offer Bathing Assistance

UDS Caregiver Half Height DoorBathing can be a time of anxiety for those who are disabled or aging. Caregivers face challenges as well due to safety issues in the bathroom. Bathtubs and showers can be slippery environments with hard surfaces and sharp corners. For those in wheelchairs, the transfer process can be difficult and has the potential for falls and other injuries. Can you imagine not being able to relax and enjoy the luxury of taking a shower or bath?

United Disabilities Services is now offering a Caregiver Half-Height Door for showers that allows a caregiver to assist the user in showering or bathing, while controlling water and keeping the caregiver dry.

The Caregiver Half-Height doors create a water barrier, once closed, ensuring that no water runs out of the shower. This helps to control water splash on both the floor and the caregiver, and keeps the surrounding area safer.

When opened, the Caregiver Half-Height doors allow full access to roll-in showers, walk-in showers and full barrier-free showers. The Half-Height doors are easy to install and can be used with most shower units.

Caregivers who have used the Half-Height doors are grateful to have a product that allows for easier care for their loved one and for the ability to stay dry in the process. The safety of dry floors and surfaces is also an important element for their consideration.

The transfer process in and out of the shower or bath can be made easier with the installation of grab bars. The UDS eStore carries a line of carefully chosen grab bars that are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing as well.

The UDS eStore offers carefully chosen product offerings, gives contractor discounts, has trained field technicians available for advice, will give design consultations and offers good prices that are tax free. United Disabilities Services has years of experience in helping the disabled, veterans and those aging in place to create individualized design solutions for home modifications. Products can be found at or call 888.428.0240 to speak with the UDS Home Modifications team.


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