Life Changes and Home Modifications

Sometimes changes in life, whether due to aging, dealing with a progressive disease, or an unfortunate accident, force people to make major adjustments in their lives and their homes.  No matter the cause, there are modifications that need to be made to a home in order to facilitate daily living when these changes occur.

Home modification should begin with a home assessment. Look for a contractor certified in Universal Design who will come to your home and perform a needs assessment. The first visit should be frLife Changesee and is required before an estimate can be given to you for review or approval. Your contractor should be capable in assessing your complete living needs; from your garage to kitchen to bathroom. Ramps or lifts may also be needed, so an experienced home modification contractor will readily recognize your unique needs and will be key to the success of your project. The contractor will also determine if walls need to be moved, if electrical and plumbing changes are required and, in the case of a large project, whether building permits are needed. In addition, an experienced contractor will have a thorough knowledge of accessibility products.

Many experienced home modifications contractors use products from the United Disabilities Services eStore. The UDS Home Modifications Division uses these selections in the projects they install in the Southcentral PA area. The Home Modifications Team has vetted all of the products and recommends them for Universal Design projects. In addition, the UDS eStore has trained field technicians available for advice. They will also give design consultations and offer contractor discounts that are tax free. Products can be found at



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