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Our eStore

United Disabilities Services would like to remind you to visit our online store. It’s the right place for home modification resources that will help you select carefully vetted products for your project.United Disabilities Services eStore

Making homes accessible for individuals with disabilities takes a special kind of expertise. A contractor or remodeler certainly has the technical skills required to construct a project, but where UDS makes a difference is in the planning, knowledge of the range of solutions available, being comfortable in interactions with individuals with disabilities and making the home modification experience a good one for everyone.

In essence, we understand the challenges individuals with disabilities face and can assist you through the project. Here are the numerous types of projects we can help make possible:

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms.  We offer roll-under sinks, walk-in tubs with bath seats, bathtub lifts, handicap showers with shower seats and grab bars. We can help with handicap bathroom modifications such as out-swing doors, hand-held showerheads, easy-transfer toilets, wheelchair turnaround areas, grab bars, non-slip surfaces and easy-access storage.

Handicap Accessible Kitchens.  People who use wheelchairs need an easy-to-use kitchen. We can help you plan, purchase and install proper height/easy-access front-operated appliances, roll-under and pullout work areas, lower counters and cabinets, easy-access storage, recessed baseboards, non-slip surfaces and improved lighting.

Independent Living Bedrooms.  We can help you with built-in beds and cabinets, bedside controls, direct bathroom access, wheelchair-convenient storage, easy-access closets and reinforced ceilings for lifting equipment.

Public Facility and Workplace Modifications.  We design and contract for modifications to offices, churches, schools, libraries, museums and community centers that allow easier access and greater usability.

Home Medical Equipment.  In addition to accessible home modifications and equipment designed to help you live more independently, UDS offers a full line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, hospital beds, lift chairs, walkers and personal emergency alert systems.

Download our NEW 2013 Catalog. Visit our website to learn more and sign up for UDS product and event news.


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Transition School

For some high school students with disabilities, preparing for life after graduation is critical. A happy and successful future means meeting new challenges – including employment, independent living and adjusting to new people and expectations. With the right guidance, these students not only transition smoothly, they flourish – and very often achieve their dreams.

UDS Transition School helps high school students with a range of disabilities prepare for the future. They are taught life skills that enable them to live more independently, better informed and with greater confidence in their abilities. The knowledge gained at the Transition School empowers them to find competitive employment and become contributing members of the community.United Disabilities Services Transition School

It’s a small group setting and high school juniors and seniors learn a wide variety of usable skills. Specific classes may vary, but a sampling includes:

  • Budgeting for the future
  • Community resources
  • Financial management
  • Independent living skills
  • Pre-vocational skills
  • Studying for drivers permit
  • Anger management
  • Communication skills
  • Positive assertiveness
  • Social interaction skills
  • Self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Problem solving
  • Workplace interactions

The supportive environment enables them to discuss personal challenges and make social connections. One-on-one attention gives instructors the opportunity to concentrate on a student’s areas of specific need. Students attend classes one day a week during the school year and receive school credit for their participation. Instructors coordinate with public school teachers to provide support for each student’s future plans and personal goals.


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Adult Enrichment Program

An active life is a happier life!

It’s important for people with disabilities, just as it is for all of us, to get out of their homes and into the community to learn, to grow, and to share experiences with others.Adult Enrichment Program United Disabilities Services

UDS provides an active life-skills day program to help mentally alert adults with physical and other disabilities find focus, use their gifts and talents, and enrich their lives. The goal is to touch participants’ lives in ways that enhance self-esteem, confidence, independence, decision-making skills, social interaction and personal growth.  Participants are free to select activities that most interest them from a variety of customized social, recreational, and educational opportunities.

Typical activities include painting, arts and crafts (participants’ artwork has been shown and sold in local art galleries), family-focused events, life lessons, decision making, field trips to museums, restaurants, and shopping centers, publishing a monthly newsletter, performing concerts, discussions on history and politics.

Click here to view our online video.

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Interactive 2013 UDS Home Modifications Product Catalog

Our completely interactive 2013 UDS Product Catalog is now available! This isn’t a typical catalog: it’s completely interactive, allowing you to flip the pages like an online magazine. Each product is clickable back to the listing on the online store. You can also download a PDF version to save and print. The cover and an online spread are featured below. We look forward to providing your home modification needs for 2013!

Interactive UDS 2013 Product Catalog

UDS 2013 Catalog


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