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Why an Accessible Bathroom?

No matter the disability, the bathroom can be seen as one of the most challenging rooms to maneuver in the home.  Having independence in the bathroom can be very challenging when considering accessibility and safety.  While it can prove to be difficult, achieving safety and independence with bathroom modifications is not only possible, it is also customizable, attractive, and safe!

Modifying a bathroom can be seen as a very personal project.  When modifying a bathroom, it’s imperative that the alterations meet the needs of the physical limitations that people are living with.  These alterations lead to a customized bathroom space, and each person living with a disability has a different set of needs and preferences.

An accessible bathroom does not have to mean stark and institutional:  it can be as beautiful and luxurious as you can imagine it to be.  UDS provides beautiful tile, stylish sinks, and modern fixtures that help accommodate accessibility, independence, and safety.

Finally, a truly accessible modification to your bathroom is ultimately focused on safety.  This space must be safe for you, ranging from something as simple as strategically placing a grab bar for balance, to something as complete as a full bathroom remodel.

At UDS, there are a wide variety of products to help you with making your bathroom customizable.  If your bathroom modification is as simple as the strategic placement of grab bars, UDS can help you find the perfect match.  UDS offers the standard wall mounted grab bars and swing up grab bars for your home modifications.  Additionally, UDS offers shower modifications for your bathroom.  Both barrier free showers and walk in showers offer customers the complete home modification necessary to create a safe living space.  Finally, UDS supplies shower seats for use in your barrier free and walk in showers.  These seats come in a variety of wall mounted styles, ranging from the standard series to premium series shower seats.

The possibilities are endless for your next bathroom modification.  It’s important to remember that you do not have to forego style and comfort when modifying your bathroom.  UDS provides superior customer service, including free equipment needs assessment, education and assistance for you and your physicians and therapists, help with insurance issues, as well as information about financial assistance.  Visit our e-store today to learn more about in-home modification options!


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Two Stylish Accessories from UDS

A safe, modified bedroom or bathroom can still be beautiful and the UDS eStore has many stylish options to prove it!

SuperPole™ with SuperTrapaze™ – An award winning trapeze with a unique offset handle that mounts to the SuperPole™.  The SuperTrapeze™ handle simulates two rungs on a ladder and allows for improved use of arm strength to “climb up” to a seated position.  Conventional trapeze floor stands can force the bed away from the wall, reducing valuable floor space.  SuperPole™ with SuperTrapeze™ installs beside the bed and requires less than 5″ / 13 cm of floor space.  It provides superior assistance to achieve a seated position in bed.  The trapeze support arm and nylon strap are height adjustable.  For easy storage, simply hook the trapeze handle onto the SuperPole™.

Moen Curl Grip Grab Bar – The curl grip feature of this grab bar allows a firmer grasp of the bar with less risk of slippage in wet bathroom environments.



View these products which are also available in additional finishes or browse the entire eStore for more information, resources, expertise and remodeling services.



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Attractive Half Height Shower Door Option

Half height shower doors make it easier for caregivers to assist in showering while staying dry.  Shown is an attractive door option:

Corner Setting Half Height Bi-fold Shower Door allows a caregiver to assist the user in showering, while controlling water and keeping caregiver dry. Once closed, the doors create a water barrier, ensuring that no water runs out of the shower, and controlling water splash. When opened, the doors allow full access to roll-in showers, walk-in showers and full barrier-free showers.


  • customized for corner shower units
  • allows swing in either direction up to 180° for greater opening area
  • designed for use with Mullen Shower Pan (not recommended for other showers)
  • limited 30-day warranty

Browse the entire estore at

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